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So, what does a celebrant even do? 

You know you need one to get married, but what does a celebrant even do? I'm so glad you asked, let's go through the process step by step so you know what to expect when working with me as your celebrant. 


My Process

Step One

Our initial meeting can take place over coffee, wine or even FaceTime! Our first meeting is really just to make sure we gel and you know exactly what you're getting when you book with me. It's a time for me to listen to what you're looking for in a celebrant and make sure I can tick all those boxes and more for you! 

Step Two

If you're happy to proceed, we will make it official. The next step is for me to email you through my Service Agreement and you would pay the $200 deposit which locks in your date into my calendar. 

Step Three

We find a time that suits all three of us and spend a good couple of hours planning your ceremony together. We will also complete the first part of your legal paperwork which is the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM).   

Step Four

I will write your ceremony script and email it through to you. You have the opportunity to provide any feedback and make as many changes you like. Behind the scenes, I also prepare all your other legal documents and certificates which get signed on the day.

Step Five

The balance payment is due two weeks before your ceremony. The week of your wedding I will touch base either for a rehearsal, or if you choose not to have one I will call you just to simply run through the logistics and make sure you're both comfortable with where to stand, what to say, when to do things etc. 

Step Six

Next time you see me, I'll be standing at the top of the aisle and you'll be getting married- yay! 

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